Feather Nipplettes

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Total length: 5.75 cm - 2.25 inch / Diameter:3.25 cm - 1.25 inch / Power: / Packaging:9 x 8.25 x 21 cm - 1 x 2.5 x 3.5 Inch
The Entice™ - Feather Nipplettes are designer feather nipple clamps with soft, comfortable pads. Two fully adjustable multi-use clamps are included for pure pleasure time and again. And the tickling feathers - well, let’s just say they’re tons of feathery fun. Use them to tease and entice your lover before adorning your most voluptuous assets. Non-tarnishing, and nickel-free iron clamps, feathers, and phthalate free PVC pads adds up to the ultimate in comfort and safety - and a delicious bedroom adventure awaits. Beautifully crafted for sensual enjoyment, these nipplettes will stimulate and excite. Each clamp also features customizable tension. Just twist the screws to create a more gentle or intense experience as you desire.
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